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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

http://rhyse.ca/post/88545412246/i-wanna-be-one-of-those-people-who-does-yoga-at coolator



i wanna be one of those people who does yoga at sunrise and drinks water out of mason jars filled with berries and twigs and shit


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i am pretty much 3% human and 97% stress

that was an awesome night jeeze louise! I’m probably going to die slowly now for the rest of the day but it was infinitely worth it to shoot lasers and have people angrily shriek lonk into the void. Thank you lauren for setting up the stuff and brodie for being a rad friendleader and keeping everything organized you memers are the best :) hope to see everyone again soon!


{Δ} : still testing the new laptop.- commissions are open! (click here for pricing)


{Δ} : still testing the new laptop.
- commissions are open! (click here for pricing)



where are the relatable posts at?

tfw you try and avoid grandma but she’s too fast. She’s so fucking fast. Why is grandma so fast?

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